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Core Commitment Form for Faith Promise

Please read and pray through our Vision,Values and requirements for Core Membership...

Our Vision:
We exist to help Real People, with Real Problems, find Real Love.

Our Values:
We serve others.
We grow together.
We give generously.
We put God first.
We tell them of Him.
We elevate those around us.

Requirements for Core Membership:
  *Completed Next Steps Journey (4 Classes total)
  *Baptized by Immersion
  *Giving Tithes at Core Level of 10%
  *Regularly Attending a FP Small Group
  *Regularly Serving in a FP Ministry Area
  *Read and Agree to FP Church Doctrine 

We recognize that these commitments are not requirements for being a Christian, but rather what it looks like to truly be a part of the Core at Faith Promise. The motives of these commitments are to shape and encourage Godly character and growth in our people.

If you are ready to commit to the above and become part of the Core of Faith Promise please fill out this form for Core Membership!

We are so excited that you are ready to join the dedicated Core Members of Faith Promise.

**Please fill out a separate form for each individual, Thank you!

*Address Line 1
Address Line 2
*Zip/Postal Code
*Date of Salvation (list approx date):
*Date of Baptism (list approx date):
*Have you attended all 4 Next Steps Classes?:
*Have you committed to giving at least 10% of your income?:
*Name of the Ministry where you are serving:
*Full name of your Small Group Leaders:
*Campus I call home: