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Student Ministry Volunteer Application - AND

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*Are you using illegal drugs?:
*Have you gone through treatment for alcohol abuse?:
*Have you ever been arrested and/or convicted of a crime?:
*Have you had sexual relations with any minor after you became an adult?:
*Have you been diagnosed with any communicable disease or chronic illness?:
*Have you ever been accused or convicted of any form of child abuse?:
*Have you ever been a victim of any form of child abuse?:
*Have you ever been a victim of any other form of abuse?:
Church Involvement:
*How long have you been attending Faith Promise?:
*How did you find out about Faith Promise?:
*Are you part of the core?:
*Have you been baptized by immersion as a result of salvation?:
*Are you currently serving in any other ministries:
If yes, which ministries?:
*Are you involved in an adult small group?:
*Are you giving to the church?:
Ministry Involvement:
*Have you been involved in student ministry before? If so, where and when?:
*Why do you feel called to join Student Ministry?:
*What other ministries have you been involved in?:
*Name and contact information of current adult small group leader::
*What is the name and contact information for a person who will be a spiritual reference for you::
*What other discipleship relationships are you currently involved in?:
*How does someone become a Christian?:
*Tell me about how you became a Christian.:
Personal Life:
*Are there any lifestyle sins you currently struggle with? (homosexuality, drug/alcohol abuse, Cohabitation, etc.):
*Do you have any health issues (physical, mental, emotional) that could interfere with you helping teens become more like Christ:
*Are there any major experiences you have had that have negatively impacted you? If yes, how have you processed this and healed:
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