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Student Ministry Scholarship Request Pellissippi

Student Information

Provide information for each student you are requesting a scholarship for. 

First Student
* Gender
 Group Leader Name

Second Student 
 Group Leader Name 

Third Student
 Group Leader Name

Parent Information

*Parent Name 
*Parent Cell Phone 
*Parent Email Address

Scholarship Confidential Information

Are there any special circumstances in your family that have resulted in your need for financial assistance (loss of job, illness, Etc.) ?
*How long have you attended Faith Promise ?
*Are you a core member of Faith Promise ?
If you do not attend, how did you hear about this Student event? 
Do you currently serve on a Ministry Team , if so please list which Ministry.
Do you currently attend a small group, if so please list group leaders name. 
Would your student be available to volunteer some service hours here at Faith Promise.  (If so, your Campus Student Pastor will be in contact with details.) 
*The amount of scholarship you are requesting per student?