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NEXT Application

Faith Promise History

*How long have you been attending Faith Promise?:
*Which campus do you attend?:
*Have you completed Next Steps?:

*Do you actively tithe at Faith Promise?:
*Please indicate where would you be on the generosity journey:
*Explain the connection between giving generously and loving God. Briefly share ways you would like to become more generous as a follower of Jesus.


*Have you been in a group at Faith Promise in the last 12 months?:
*Please provide the name of the group you lead or are a part of:

Winning Team

*Do you serve on the Winning Team?:
*Which Winning Team do you serve on?:
*What role do you play on this Winning Team?:
*Who is your Winning Team Leader?:

Spiritual Health

*Please describe how and when you came to know Jesus:
*Please describe your faith journey since you came to know Jesus:
*What do you believe God is calling you to next in your walk with Him?:
*Please share about the last time you shared your faith:
*What do you believe is your purpose?:
*How do you think that NEXT will help you step further into that purpose?:


*Have you been baptized?:
*Please share about your Baptism experience:


Please provide 2 staff references, one of which should be your Campus Pastor and one should be your ministry leader. Please talk with them prior to submitting this application.
*Reference 1:
*Reference 2:

Applicant Agreement

*I understand that participation in NEXT is limited, and my application and references do not guarantee me a spot:
*I certify that the answers given by me in this application to NEXT are true and correct:
*I am aware that leadership at Faith Promise may disqualify me from NEXT because of false statements or omissions given in this application, or for lifestyle that does no reflect the values of Faith Promise.
*I authorize the leadership of NEXT to substantiate the information I have provided in this application:
*I commit to put in the work to grow as a supernatural leader - completing all reading, action items, and implementing what you learn in NEXT? (You will be allowed 4 passes on readings and action items)
*I commit to be present at NEXT on Thursdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the Pellissippi Campus - Beginning September 8, 2022 through April 2023? (Allowed 4 absences)

***If you attend the Bristol Campus you will meet at our Campus.***
*I agree and understand that if I miss more than the allowed absences, readings, and action items - I may be asked to step out of NEXT.