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New Group Leader Questionnaire

You are completing this questionnaire because you are interested in group leadership at Faith Promise. Please fill out this questionnaire in its entirety. Once completed, please allow five days for one of our Groups staff members to contact you. 

*Address Line 1
Address Line 2
*Zip/Postal Code
*Date of Birth:
*Please select your t-shirt size:
Family Information
*Are you married?:
Spouse's Name:
Wedding Anniversary:
*Do you have children?:
Children's Names and Birthdays:
Church Related Information
*Are you a part of the core at Faith Promise?:
If no, have you completed Next Steps?:
*Are you currently serving in an area at Faith Promise?:
Current areas of service:
*Which campus do you attend?:
Spiritual Life
*Describe how your personal relationship with Jesus Christ began:
*Why do you want to lead a small group?:
Group and Leadership Experience
*Have you ever been in a group before?:
How would you describe your group experiences?:
*Have you ever been involved in a fpGroup?:
What is your group leader's name?:
Please list your previous church, ministry, or leadership experience:
Group Leadership
*Will anyone else besides you be leading the group?:
Please provide his or her name and have them complete the questionnaire as well:
*I agree to and can meet the criteria listed on the New Group Leader page (http://faithpromise.org/newleader):
Group Logistics
*What is the complete address of the location where the group will meet:
*Is this your home?:
*What day and time will the group regularly meet?:
*What is the proposed start date?:
*How frequently will the group meet?:
If other, please explain here:
*Do you want your group to be closed or available on Faith Promise's Group Finder?:
*Will your group have childcare or allow children?:
Specify Ages Here
*What kind of group will you be leading?:
*What demographic will your group cater to?:
If you will have more than one demographic, please specify here:
*Please give a brief description of your group (demographic, childcare, group type, etc.):
Does anyone plan to be in your new group? If so, please provide as much information as possible (Full Name, Address, Phone, DOB):